One Inch Globe Valve

Globe Valve Parts

Here we have the complete set of parts for a one inch globe valve. Starting up at the upper right corner, we have the body, and moving on from there in a clockwise rotation, we have the handle, data plate, washer, and nut for the handle. Left of these is the stem, and left of that is the bonnet. From there, we have the four bolts that hold the bonnet to the body, and then the silvery ring is the bonnet gasket. The two mostly yellow rings are the flange gaskets for bolting the valve to the rest of the pipe. Above and to the right of the flange gaskets is the gland, to the left of the gland are the packing strips, and above the gland is the gland follower. Above the gland follower is a pair of studs and four nuts for tightening the gland follower down in the bonnet. The pile of bolts and nuts to the left are for bolting the valve to the pipe.