Welcome, traveler

Hello, there! You have found the website of a girl who is into anarchism and steam engines and girls. Please sit a spell and have a rest, for this world is hard. While you're here, feel free to grab one of the mugs in the cabinet to the left of and above the sink and get yourself some water. If you want tea, let me know and I'll get some steaping for you.

Do please look around. This here site is still in the early stages. I do plan to have pages talking about steam engines, and my experiences operating them. I'll also host a blog here, and maybe dedicate a page to riding the bus here in Seattle (something I have quite a fair bit of experience in doing). In Barcelona, when the anarchists ran the buses, the buses ran on time.

I am pirate on irc.


A page on steamships and steamboats

A collection of notes from operating a triple expansion steam engine from 1904


I ride the bus a lot. Sometimes I may write about it.


I have model trains. At some point, I'll write about them.


I'm on Mastodon.